Apple is facing another patent lawsuit!

Apple previously came up with different patent cases. Prepear’s logo, whose latest logo featured a pear, was sued on the grounds that it was inspired and evoked by Apple’s apple logo. Apple was unfair in the 10-year lawsuit with VirnetX and was sentenced to approximately $ 503 million in compensation. Now the Maxell case is on the agenda again.

Apple sued for 12 separate patents

Electronics maker Maxell has filed another lawsuit, in addition to previous lawsuits, accusing Apple of infringing 12 patents through FaceTime and photo features of iPhone, iPad and other hardware once again.

In the US district court application filed on Feb. 19, Maxell accused Apple of patent infringement. The company previously sued Apple for similar reasons in 2019 and 2020. Apple has been accused of misusing certain patents owned by the company. Among these patents are mostly camera features and audio / speaker apartments.