Another blow to Elon Musk’s dream: He fell on the field

Part of the SpaceX rocket crashed into a field in Washington state. On March 4, part of the Falcon 9 rocket, in which the company launched Starlink satellites into space, was found in a field in the Granton area of ​​Washington state on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, according to the report in The Tri-City Herald.

It was stated that the composite coated metal piece, about 1.5 meters tall, belongs to the second stage of the rocket, which burns in the atmosphere while returning to the earth.

When contacting the company, SpaceX confirmed that the part belonged to the rocket.

SpaceX launched 60 satellites that are part of the Starlink satellite network from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on March 4 with a Falcon 9 rocket.

The new generation spacecraft Starship, which SpaceX planned to send to Mars recently, failed in its 4th flight attempt and exploded in the air.