Amateur radio operators volunteer

Turkey Radio Amateurs Society (TRAC) Nevsehir Branch members, and hobby radio using both the well in the region likely natural disasters or remain disabled for mobile phones enables the search and rescue support communications to study the valley.

TRAC members set up roles at various points to ensure uninterrupted communication in the region on the occasion of April 18, World Amateur Radiographers Day.

TRAC Nevşehir Branch President Mustafa Sami Daşdeler told Anadolu Agency (AA) that mobile phones may become dysfunctional in some areas of Cappadocia due to the land structure, and that they are working to establish a role at high points in order to enable radio communication between the teams in case of a problem.

Stating that their work to strengthen the communication network is “a job of love”, Daşdeler said that all expenses are met by amateur radio operators.

Stating that among the 32 volunteers of the TRAC Nevşehir Branch established in 2016, Daşdeler said that there are teachers, business people, journalists and workers:

“As TRAC Nevşehir Branch, we are an organization that provides voluntary communication support for the public good in the event of any disaster. Cappadocia is a place where human mobility is intense because it is a touristic region, but there are areas where mobile phones are not used in the valleys and travel routes. We are continuing to work to expand our coverage area. We may encounter tourist disappearance or unusual situations anywhere. We provide communication support to AFAD teams on such issues. Base stations are disabled in case of disasters or earthquakes. However, radio communication is not interrupted at all. we use it as a communication tool. “

Referring to the efforts to establish a wireless connection with the surrounding provinces, Şen said that they will reach their targets in a short time.

TRAC Nevşehir Vice President Serkan Şen stated that, as he was an industrial technology teacher, he knew some technical works related to the radio and maintained the radio relays at the points dominating the region.

Emphasizing that they are making efforts to prevent interruptions in communication, Şen said, “We have two relays from UHF band in Nevşehir Oylu Mountain at 1642 altitude and Kahveci Mountain at 1400 altitude. We often go to the mountains and do their maintenance. a hobby but also Turkey Disaster Response Plan, we have a duty to the state as a volunteer communications partner. we provide support for problems experienced when the device is in communication with our communication infrastructure. ” said.

Yaşar Göksu, one of the amateur radio operators, stated that he was working as an accountant in a company and that he had the title of amateur radio operator by taking the exam because he was interested in radio communication since his childhood years.