‘Africa’ attack from the Turkish defense and aerospace industry

According to the information compiled by the AA correspondent from the data of the Ministry of Commerce and the Turkish Exporters Assembly, exports in the January-May period increased by 38.3 percent on an annual basis and reached 85.2 billion dollars.

In the said period, Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry product exports increased by 48.3 percent and amounted to 1 billion 120.1 million dollars. Exports from the sector were 166.9 million dollars in January, 233.2 million dollars in February, 246.9 million dollars in March, 302.5 million dollars in April and 170.4 million dollars in May.

In the first 5 months of the year, North America ranked first in the distribution of sector exports by region with 485 million 688 thousand dollars.

This region was followed by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with 176 million 958 thousand dollars, the Middle East with 145 million 341 thousand dollars, the European Union (EU) with 121 million 173 thousand dollars and other Asian countries with 74 million 461 thousand dollars.

Africa stood out in the proportional increase in exports by regions

In the January-May period, Africa was the place where the highest increase was recorded in the sector’s exports by region on an annual basis. Exports to African countries increased 11 times in the said period and reached 61 million 207 thousand dollars.

In the proportional increase, Africa was followed by the CIS with 511 percent, North America with 64 percent and other European countries with 18 percent.

On the other hand, exports of the sector to the Far East decreased by about 71 percent, exports to free zones by 50 percent and to the EU by 21 percent.

USA ranks first in Turkey’s defense exports

Looking at the distribution of defense and aerospace industry exports by country in the first 5 months of the year, it was seen that the USA maintained its first place.

Sector companies that sold $476.2 million worth of products to the USA during this period increased their exports to this country by 66 percent on an annual basis.

Azerbaijan followed the USA in this ranking. Turkey’s defense and aerospace industry exports to Azerbaijan increased by 1390 percent compared to the January-May period of last year and reached 135 million 889 thousand dollars.

These countries were followed by the United Arab Emirates with 97.4 million dollars, Germany with 58.6 million dollars and Bangladesh with 57.8 million dollars in sector exports.

$16.5 million worth of product sold to Rwanda

Rwanda drew attention to the proportional increase in the sector’s exports on an annual basis in the January-May period on a country basis. While almost no exports were made to Rwanda in the January-May period of last year, 16 million 460 thousand dollars of products were sold in the same period of this year.

In the said period, Turkey’s sector exports to China increased from 27 thousand dollars to 10.1 million dollars, to Tunisia from 109 thousand dollars to 29.3 million dollars, to Jordan from 100 thousand dollars to 19.2 million dollars, to Bangladesh 579 thousand dollars. $57.8 million, to Uzbekistan from $223,000 to $20.9 million.

The countries that stood out in the increase in the sector’s exports on a value basis compared to the previous year were listed as the USA, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Tunisia and Uzbekistan.

Istanbul maintains its top position in defense industry exports

Istanbul was recorded as the province that exported the most defense and aviation industry products in the January-May period. In this period, exports from the city increased by 86 percent on an annual basis and reached 440.6 million dollars.

This province was followed by Ankara with 238.7 million dollars, Konya with 158 million dollars, Eskişehir with 112.5 million dollars and İzmir with 48.1 million dollars.