Advice from the beekeeping expert to protect bees in climate change

Düzce University Beekeeping Research, Development and Application Center (DAGEM) Manager Assoc. Dr. Meral Kekeçoğlu told Anadolu Agency (AA) that it is an undesirable situation for beekeeping to spend the winter with above-normal temperatures.

He did bunches inside during the winter of bees month and the rest state now that tells Kekeçoğl is, “we are used each year of weathering the current serious major threat to the different watch bees. Because contrary, every year the weather may be considered for all Turkey is going differently too hot. How people a biological clock, if there is a biological balance, this biological balance in bees is dangerous. ” he spoke.

Kekeçoğlu stated that a bee, which cannot form a winter cluster, consumes energy when it wants to go out and tries to consume honey inside.

Underlining that the change in the weather and the experienced climate change disrupt the whole balance of bees, Kekeçoğlu continued as follows:

“Global warming has started to reach serious levels over the years. This danger poses a great danger to bees and bee generations. This time, beekeepers are starting to prefer bee generations that adapt to the weather conditions. This causes the extinction of other generations. This bee race is in terms of biodiversity. great danger. “

“We recommend that our producers take care to feed their bees”

Assoc. Dr. Kekeçoğlu stated that the breeders could take some measures for their bees and made the following suggestions:

“In order to minimize the danger and protect our bee race and biodiversity, our growers have a great responsibility. Honey bees are the creatures most affected by the environment. Changing weather conditions and global warming put bee breeds in danger. The climate in which each bee race lives can be different. Our beekeepers are very variable these days. We recommend taking care of the bees, taking into account the weather conditions.

Considering that the weather will suddenly cool down in the coming days, it is important to feed bees with protein additive. In addition to supplementary food and nutrition, our beekeepers should work with local bee breeds without changing the race. Let them not turn to race change according to the climate conditions Let them not spoil our biodiversity by bringing imported bee race. “