A thousand people will be employed! Huge investment in Turkey

Monday, May 24, 2021 – 14:56 | Last Updated: 24 05 2021 – 14:58

35 million dollar investment in Turkey. It has a target of employment for a thousand people. TECNO Mobile started production in Turkey with an investment of 35 million dollars. Smart phone brand TECNO started production in Istanbul with an investment of 35 million dollars.

TECNO Mobile’s Country Manager for Turkey, Hank Li said, “We plan to create employment for approximately 1,000 people in our production facility in Pendik, Istanbul, and to increase our investments in Turkey in the long run in line with our target of 10 percent market share.”


Pointing to the importance of the positive investment environment created by the government to attract foreign direct investment (FDI), Li said, “The visionary approach of the government and the encouraging investment climate offered by the government played an important role in our decision to invest in Turkey. We believe in the Turkish economy and wish to be among the strong players in this very valuable market for us. At this point, our target of 10 percent market share is a first step in this direction. Acting with the strategy of being a permanent player in this market, we are creating our employment and investment plans in this direction, ”he said.


TECNO’s investment to become an important player in the Turkish market will contribute to the growth of Turkey as well as the creation of new jobs.

Stating that they are planning to invest in the field of support and service as well as production processes in order to increase the experience quality of users in Turkey, Li continued as follows: ” Our strong R&D department for the telecommunications sector, TECNO Mobile ‘s phones have the most advanced design features and users have the opportunity to find the option that best suits their needs. The fact that TECNO Mobile embraces the different dynamics of the large smartphone market in its products contributes to our easy adaptation to local characteristics. ”