A record number of applications were received for the Productivity Project Awards this year.

The Ministry has been giving Productivity Project Awards since 2014 with the aim of spreading awareness of efficiency throughout the country, increasing the sharing of knowledge and experience among institutions and organizations, announcing the projects carried out on efficiency to the public, promoting the benefits of implemented projects and encouraging new projects to be carried out to increase productivity.

Micro, small, medium and large-scale enterprises and public institutions and organizations are trying to increase the quality of the products or services they have completed in the last year, the performance of their processes, the efficiency and profitability of raw materials, materials, energy, capital and human resources, reduce their costs, and improve the quality of working life. They can apply for the Productivity Project Awards with their projects.

Projects for which award applications are submitted are reviewed by independent evaluators. Independent evaluators are selected by the Award Steering Committee based on their fields of expertise and experience, based on voluntary applications received from representatives of public institutions and organizations, private sector, universities or non-governmental organizations. He is involved in the preliminary evaluation and on-site inspection stages of projects.

Applications received from 53 provinces

The applications for the Efficiency Project Awards 2021, organized under the coordination of the Ministry’s Strategic Research and Productivity General Directorate, were completed as of May 31.

A total of 468 applications were made on a project basis this year to the competition, which could not be held last year due to the Kovid-19 outbreak. Thus, the highest number of project applications was reached by breaking a record in the competition, which was held for the 7th time this year.

In the competition, where the applications were received on the basis of categories, the highest number of applications was in the “Large Scale Enterprises” category. In addition, 44 public institutions applied to the Efficiency Project Awards 2021 with 61 projects.

This year, applications were made from 53 provinces. Most applications came from Istanbul.

Strong interest in applications for independent assessors

A total of 282 applications from 60 provinces were received to serve as independent evaluators during the Efficiency Project Awards 2021 process.

While 42 percent of the applicants were made by academics working at universities, 34 percent were made by private sector employees. The highest number of independent evaluator applications came from Ankara.

Results will be announced in September

Projects submitted to the Efficiency Project Awards 2021 will be pre-evaluated by the Project Steering Committee in accordance with the “Regulation on Productivity Project Awards Procedures and Principles”, and those deemed appropriate will be scored by independent evaluators.

The projects that are entitled to receive an award will be announced at a ceremony planned to be held in September.