A new type of beet was discovered in Hakkari

According to the statement made by HU, Department of Biology, Institute of Science and Technology, Dr. Faculty Member Melek Erdek worked in the field within the scope of the project supported by Hakkari University Scientific Research Projects (BAP) Coordinatorship.

Erdek detected a new type of flank, which is stated to be located along the Zap Suyu.

The article on the new species was published in the international peer-reviewed journal Zootaxa, a scientific publication on animal classification.

Erdek, whose views were included in the statement, stated that he discovered a new type of flank located in mutual regions along the Zap Stream within the framework of the project.

Stating that the species belongs to the genus Galeodes, which includes the broadleaf species with the largest body size, Erdek emphasized that the city has a richer fauna in terms of biogeography and that in this respect, it is a virgin region waiting to be explored.

Pointing out that the beetles are not spiders and unlike spiders, they are a non-venomous arachnid group, Erdek noted that these are predatory creatures that do not feed on any piece of meat.