A first in the world! The brain of a paralyzed person …

American scientists broke new ground in science fiction movies. Thanks to the method developed in partnership with Brown University in the USA and Providence Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the lives of people with paralysis will be made easier. According to the report published in the scientific journal IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, it was stated that the high-bandwidth wireless brain-computer interface (BCI) has successfully passed the clinical test.

Scientists said the system can transmit brain signals with “single neuron resolution and full broadband accuracy”. The new BCI (wireless brain-computer interface) has been connected to the human brain for the first time, allowing paralyzed people to write, command, or use robotic prostheses on computer screens just by thinking. was taking.


In the news in the magazine, it was stated that the paralyzed people participating in the trial used a tablet computer using the system. It was stated that the participants in the experiment were able to reach writing speeds and pointing-click accuracy similar to wired systems. It has been noted that the application is the latest in neural interface technologies.


Listing the purpose of the application, experts stated that it is a fully implantable wireless intracortical system that helps restore independence for people who have lost the ability to move. “Thanks to the system we have implemented, we are able to monitor brain activity at home and for long periods that would have been almost impossible before,” said Leigh Hochberg, engineering professor at Brown University.