A call from İsmail Demir to universities to produce projects!

İsmail Demir, President of the Presidential Defense Industry, in his speech at the opening of the Defense Technologies Days program organized by the Istanbul Technical University Defense Technologies Club, which he attended via video conferencing, emphasized that the independence of a country is due to the power of the assurance of its future.

describing efforts were made to increase the defensive strength of Turkey Iron, he said:

“There are certain negligence or lack of awareness, some obstacles, and the failure of some works in making this preparation. We see that the main reason for this failure and pauses is the lack of will and belief. Today, this lack of will is not possible. They always emphasize their great support for the defense industry. This means that the defense industry is very important as a political will. It is very boldly underlined that no compromises should be made on domestic and national products. Our duty is to realize this. “

Demir stated that while chasing conventional technologies and applications, they are working towards the technologies of the future.

Expressing that they expect universities to come up with stimulating projects and ideas about the technologies of the future, Demir said, “Universities have important duties in terms of technology depth and focus.” found the assessment.

Pointing out that it is possible to use a technology to be developed in the defense industry in a wide variety of fields, Demir stated that the studies and developments in this field will greatly contribute to the general economy and development of the country.

University-industry cooperation

ITU Rector Prof. Dr. İsmail Koyuncu said that they always make university-industry cooperation a priority agenda item and carry out studies accordingly.

Emphasizing that they always consider technology and R&D studies as their first priority, Koyuncu stated that these areas also directly affect the economies of the country. Koyuncu noted the following:

“Moreover, when it comes to the defense industry, some differences and urgencies may arise compared to other sectors. As such, we need to keep our knowledge up-to-date by constantly following technological developments. With this activity, the investments made in R&D in our defense industry, the resources provided, the awareness of the academicians and students of ITU about the policies of the future are increased, while on the other hand, ITU’s academic power, laboratory capabilities and It is also aimed to increase the awareness of institutions and organizations operating in our defense industry regarding the qualified student profile. Hopefully, thanks to such activities, our concrete steps to strengthen the cooperation between ITU and our defense industry will increase even more.