500 million users’ information was stolen! They put it up for sale

After the data leak on the social media giant Facebook, another platform is on the agenda with the same news.

Online career platform LinkedIn has been hacked! Taking advantage of the technical vulnerability, cyber attackers stole account data of 500 million people.

Hackers who steal the information on LinkedIn, which is owned by the US-based technology giant Microsoft, demand payment for this data.

They want the seedlings as bitcoin

According to reports in the country’s press, cyber attackers demand $ 1000 per data. Attackers want the payment to be made in Bitcoin

It is also among the information that the hackers sell some information from the dark web.

Information captured by cyber attackers includes LinkedIn IDs, names, email addresses, phone numbers, gender, links, and social media links.


Experts are warning users to change their LinkedIn payroll and choose a strong combination as a new password.