400 thousand TL support for the projects of two female academicians

Zeynep Nurselin Çolak, one of the faculty’s research assistants, carried out the “Veterinary intensive care early warning system” (VETEUS) project, and Ayris Gökçeoğlu carried out the “Creation of a mobile application with a biochemical approach in order to make preliminary diagnosis and facilitate diagnosis in veterinary clinical practice” (VetDiya) at OMÜ Samsun Technopark. developed.

As a result of the application made by two women entrepreneurs to TÜBİTAK BIGG, where innovative ideas are supported, their projects were found worth supporting 200 thousand liras each.

Zeynep Nurselin Çolak, Research Assistant at OMU Veterinary Faculty Animal Hospital Internal Diseases Department, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the rate of animal ownership increased due to the prolonged stay at home with Kovid-19, which in turn increased the number of patients from veterinarians.

Explaining that frequent opening of intensive care cabinets to control sick animals causes a decrease in internal temperature and humidity, this will be prevented thanks to the VETEUS project he has developed, and thus the workload of the veterinarian will decrease, Çolak continued as follows:

“Without any damage to the cabinet, by placing sensors inside our patient who is being treated, measurements such as heart rate and temperature will be made at the time we want, and notifications will be sent to our phone thanks to the application. Animals placed in the incubator are already in a hypodermic state, patients with low body temperatures. Such situations increase the risk of complications for the patient. Thanks to the notifications received, we will provide the opportunity to intervene as soon as possible and we will provide the best service to our patients.”

Biochemistry Department Research Assistant Ayris Gökçeoğlu also stated that the VetDiya project aims to interpret the variable parameters of different animal species, such as hormones, pregnancy, chemical components in blood and urine, under a single roof.

Gökçeoğlu said, “A biochemical-based project aimed at guiding veterinarians and veterinary faculty students to a possible diagnosis. It will be designed to direct variable parameters to a possible diagnosis. In this way, both time, effort and money will be saved.” he said.

Bigg Samsun Entrepreneurship and Incorporation Specialist Elif Esra Aydın congratulated Gökçeoğlu and Çolak, who received support, and said:

“If you have innovative and innovative ideas that will create added value for our country, you can apply to Bigg Samsun. In this period, being an undergraduate student is the minimum limit, but the requirement to graduate for 10 years has been removed. For this, we invite entrepreneur candidates with innovative and innovative ideas who are undergraduate students of any faculty. We will be waiting with our business plan trainings and entrepreneurship support in the process leading to TÜBİTAK by filling out the application forms on our ‘biggsamsun.com’ address.”

It has been reported that OMÜ Samsun Teknopark received 446 business idea applications in total with the Bigg Samsun Program since 2018, and 241 suitable business ideas were given “Business Model Creation, Business Plan Preparation, Presentation Techniques and Experience Sharing” trainings.