40% water savings with ‘Gray Water Tek’ system!

Hitit University Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Department 4th grade students Yunus Burak Özcan and Burak Kangal developed the “Gray Water Reuse Module” (Gray Water Tek) in order to prevent the use and waste of drinking water for different purposes, taking into account the drought warnings caused by climate changes in the world.

Working by collecting the water flowing from the sink in a reservoir and purifying it from germs with the help of purple light, then transferring it to the nearest toilet via an electric motor, Gri Su Tek helps prevent the waste of potable water connected to the household.

Özcan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the system, which is aimed to save around 40 percent of water, can be easily set up and pays for itself in 28 months at the latest.

Young engineers as Özcan stated that they search for ways to save water in Turkey, “In principle, the system enables the recovery and use of gray water is available but we’ve developed our systems and much more economical, extremely practical both in terms of implementation. Too many renovations without the need for squeezing a few screws It can even be integrated into the grid system. Thanks to our module, everyone will be able to save water individually without making large-scale changes in the grid system. ” said.

Expressing that the existing gray water systems are applied to new buildings and require high costs, Özcan said, “In addition, pumping the gray water collected on the ground floor of a building back to the top floor requires a certain amount of electricity consumption. We can transfer it to the toilet. ” he spoke.

Underlining that the system can save 18-26 percent water in households and around 40 percent in government offices, Özcan said:

“According to TURKSTAT data, per capita water consumption is calculated as 224 liters in 2018. The TEMA Foundation has announced that 26 percent of the water consumed is used for toilet cleaning. In the module we produce, we purify the water we wash our hands and direct it to the toilet. A family of four spends an average of 85 tons of water annually for toilet cleaning. In addition, it saves water and pays for itself in 28 months at the latest. We can say that we have developed the most practical system that enables the reuse of gray water. “

Özcan added that they have applied for a patent for the system called Gri Su Tek.