10 basic rules of safe remote work

01 May 2021 Saturday – 17:57 | Last Updated: 01 05 2021 – 17:57

The pandemic process brought a new perspective to business life. Companies have changed their working model for their employees who can manage their businesses remotely. Not only large-scale corporations, but also companies with a small number of employees are trying to quickly adapt to this new era. Considering that there will not be any IT specialists or departments within every company, ESET listed 10 basic rules to be considered in secure remote work.

With the increasing rate of remote work, the task of employees in the security of business data has increased even more. Asım Akbal, the company’s Turkey Sales Manager, drew attention to the attacks carried out by cybercriminals against companies working remotely. Sharing that ransomware and phishing attacks can be reduced with simple methods and basic security information, Akbal shared that the cases have increased with the carelessness and imprudence of the users.

Emphasizing that with the COVID-19 outbreak, remote access to information from home workers is one of the most important issues to be addressed by businesses, Akbal said that it is important to provide employees with basic information for both themselves and their companies’ cyber security. Asım Akbal listed the 10 basic rules to be followed as follows;

* Encrypt information stored on work devices.

* Install endpoint security software on devices and keep this software up to date.

* Keep devices up-to-date, including the operating system and applications.

* Secure home networks and configure them properly.

* Always use a VPN when connecting to public networks or Wi-Fi access points and avoid accessing sensitive information.

* Back up your data regularly.

* Protect your devices with passwords and be careful not to leave your devices while you are logged in.

* Enable the anti-theft feature on your devices.

* Use two-factor authentication to protect your important accounts.

* Always keep contact information of tech support officers handy and report security incidents immediately.

Changing the way they work within a company is a process involving all employees and takes time. But with the right training, workers can quickly understand the risks of working remotely and learn how to avoid or avoid them.